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Differences between Main and WinPE

The WinPE branch has some additions to the main branch. The following project scripts are included in WinPE -

The following folders are included in the WinPE branch program cache (Projects\Cache\Programs\) -

Differences in Project\WinFE\Finalise\winfe.script, which effectively force the use of forensic settings in the main branch as SANPolicy can only be set as 3 or 4, NoAutoMount cannot be disabled and DiskMgr/Protect.exe running at startup cannot be disabled -

WinPE branch (lines 24-32)

main branch (lines 24-32)

Differences in Project\WinFE\Settings\Recommended.script, which removes BootSect from the main branch -

WinPE branch (lines 16-20)

main branch (lines 16-20)

Differences in Project\WinFE\Settings\wallpaper.script, which changes the default wallpaper -

WinPE branch (lines 25-27)

main branch (lines 25-27)

Document date - 22nd June 2022